10 thousand euros fine for Macron’s poster

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In the trial of the city of Toulon (south) following a criminal complaint from the French president, the prosecutor accused Flori, 62, of “manifest desire to harm”. The court sentenced Flori to a fine of 10,000 euros for publicly insulting the president. said they would appeal the decision.

Flori, meanwhile, reacted to the decision by saying: “He defends freedom of expression very quickly, except when the president is personally involved.

He wrote on social media: “Everyone was writing on the wall, I transferred it to the poster.” Defending this, Flori said her style of expression with cartoons has been around for a long time.

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In France, there was a reaction after the implementation of Macron’s compulsory vaccination policy for the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) and the request for a health license for certain professional groups.

Michel-Ange Flori, July 19, in the cities of Toulon and Seyne-sur-Mer, on billboards on the road, where President Macron is equated with Hitler and “Obey, get vaccinated!” Macron, through his lawyers, filed a criminal complaint against Flori, the owner of the posters.

The request for a health license as part of the application, which was approved by the Constitutional Council in France on August 5 and entered into force on August 9, includes interregional travel, interior spaces with a capacity of more than 50 people, excluding hospitals, nursing homes, shopping malls, restaurants, cafeterias, cinemas, museums and To enter amusement parks, one must document the completion of Kovid-19 vaccinations, show a negative PCR test result to the within the past 72 hours, or prove that the disease has been recovered and recovered within the past 6 months.

As part of the application, Kovid-19 vaccination was also required for nursing homes and hospital staff and firefighters.

The practice across France was protested by hundreds of thousands of people on Saturday for weeks.

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