14 countries are on the verge of the third wave … Africa is still waiting for a vaccine

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The total amount of doses administered on the continent, from which 55 million doses of vaccine originate, has reached 40 million in total, and mass vaccination has yet to start in 3 countries.

While about 50 percent of the population in countries like the United States, Israel, Canada and England have received at least one dose of vaccination, the ratio of those who have received at least one dose of vaccination in Africa , where the third wave is expected in the outbreak, remained at 2.1 percent.

In sub-Saharan Africa, the number of countries where 1 million doses of vaccine have been administered was only 6. So far, 2.2 million doses have been administered in Nigeria, 1.8 million in Ethiopia, 1 , 3 million in South Africa, 1.2 million in Angola, 1 million in Zimbabwe and 1 million in Kenya.

Director of the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC), Dr. John Nkengasong, at the weekly press conference said that 14 countries are currently heading into the third wave of the epidemic and the Indian mutation began to spread across the continent.

Nkengasong, who previously called on G7 countries to prevent inequalities in vaccine supply, said: “You can clearly see that the Indian variant is starting to dominate the continent. There is a relationship between the third wave and the news. variants. ” mentionned.

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Noting that increased population movements and the onset of the winter season in the south of the continent increase the risk of Kovid-19 in many countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that despite this increase, vaccine deliveries have stalled. .

WHO Africa Director Matshidiso Moeti has warned that 90 percent of African countries will not be able to meet the immunization target by September due to lack of sufficient vaccines, and noted that 225 million additional doses of vaccine are needed to immunize 10 percent of the continent. by September.

Moeti said that while many countries immunize children as well as at-risk groups, African countries cannot even provide second-dose vaccines, adding: “Vaccines have been proven to prevent cases and deaths, so countries that can do so should urgently share their vaccines. he said.

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