150 Afghans leave Afghanistan for the USA

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Abdul Hadi Hamdarad, head of Hamid Karzai International Airport, said in a statement that 150 Afghan passengers, some of whom had dual nationality, were first taken to Doha by a Qatar Airways plane.


Hamdarad said only passengers with a US passport or legal travel document are allowed to board the plane.

It was the first flight from Kabul since foreign countries, including the United States, completed evacuation missions launched on August 15.

Three young people, two from central Uruzgan province and one from Kunduz in the north, arrived at the airport early in the morning, told Anadolu news agency that they would board a plane bound for the states. -United.

Ezzda, who was from Kunduz, said she worked with an American company and showed her official credentials, which allowed her to move to the United States.

Two brothers, Nasrullah and Samiullah, also had documents proving that they were translators.

After the Taliban took control on August 15, thousands of Afghans, mostly civilians working with foreign forces or groups, flocked to the airport in hopes of leaving the country.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has previously denied claims that those who wanted to leave Afghanistan were being held hostage by the Taliban.

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