191 thousand acres of burnt land in the United States: tens of thousands evacuated

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191 thousand acres of land burned in the fire called Caldor. Only 16% of fires could be brought under control. More than 3,500 firefighters are on duty in the fires that started more than two weeks ago.

He was completely evacuated to a local hospital. The patients were transferred to another hospital. Authorities reported that 5 people were injured and 700 properties were damaged in the blaze.

22,000 people living in and around the famous resort town of South Lake Tahoe were evacuated Monday morning.

Additionally, the American Forest Service has announced that all entrances to state forests are closed until September 17. The Caldor Fire is one of seven currently active fires in California.

Due to the Dixie Fire, which erupted in mid-July and was the largest of the seven fires, 800,000 acres of land were destroyed. The Dixie Fire was also recorded as the second largest fire in the history of the state.

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Climate change causes extreme temperatures and combined with dry air, leading to forest fires.

The global average temperature has increased by 1.2 degrees since the start of the industrial revolution. Unless governments take decisive action to reduce carbon emissions around the world, temperatures will continue to rise.

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