2 districts in Afghanistan under Taliban control

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Gor Governor Abdul Zahir Faizzade said in a press statement that militants attacked Shahrek district in Gor.

Expressing that the security forces withdrew from the district center following the attack, Faizzade said the district center was thus under Taliban control. Faizzade noted that preparations for the neighborhood takeover operation have started.

On the other hand, Uruzgan Governorate spokesman Ömer Şirzad also said that after militants attacked Gizab district of Uruzgan, the district center was captured by the Taliban.

irzad stressed that the attack by militants on the Chure district of Uruzgan last night has been repelled. In the statement made by the Taliban, it was claimed that 65 security guards surrendered to them during the attack on Gizab district.


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Taliban militants stepped up their attacks to seize district centers as foreign forces began to withdraw from the country. Activists have taken control of 8 districts across the country since early May.

Finally, the militants yesterday took control of the Kaysar district of the province of Faryab in the north of the country. Two days ago, the Duab district of Nuristan province, east of the capital Kabul, fell to militants.

In addition, Rahmatullah Ender, spokesman for the Afghan National Security Council, announced on June 5 that the Taliban carried out 1,455 attacks in May and that civilians suffered the most from the attacks last month.

Ender noted that 63 civilians were killed and 126 civilians were injured in attacks by Taliban militants in the past week alone.

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