2 districts in northern Afghanistan came under Taliban control

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Two districts in northern Afghanistan came under Taliban control. Faryab MP Babur Jamal told reporters that activists carried out an armed attack on Karamkol, Kurgan and Andhoy districts in Faryab.

Noting that Karamkol and Kurgan districts were under Taliban control following the attack, Cemal said clashes continue near Andhoy district. Cemal said the security authorities had not done a serious study on this issue.

In a statement by the Taliban, it was claimed that the districts of Karamkol, Kurgan and Andhoy were completely under control as a result of the attack. In contrast, the Gurzivan district of Faryab province was under Taliban control yesterday.

The Afghan Ministry of Defense announced that 129 militants had been killed in the operation against the Taliban in 9 provinces of the country.

In the statement that 35 militants were injured in the operation, it was pointed out that 31 bombs ready to explode were neutralized. In the statement, it was stated that as a result of the operation, several districts were taken over from the Taliban.

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While the peace process in the country remains uncertain, attacks continue. On June 21, Taliban militants took control of Abad state, Sholgere and Kishindeh districts of northern Balkh province.

Once again, control of two districts in the northern provinces of Belh and Samangan fell to the organization on June 20. In the past 2 months, the number of Taliban-controlled districts across the country has exceeded 35. According to United Nations data, the Taliban hold 50-70 percent of the country’s territory, excluding the centers. urban.

The Taliban have captured more than 130 of the 407 districts, including their centers. Among these, some towns in around 60 districts are under the control of the Afghan security forces. The country’s 34 provincial centers are also under government control.

Fighting continues between security forces and the Taliban in most parts of Afghanistan, and clashes continue in around 200 of 407 districts.

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