There was a ground distance in Death Gamuzur Vural. Gamzeur said he passed away across the street.

10 days after the accident, his life is Yenişehir escort universit students 21 Gamze Vural, Gamzenur lost his way to the opposite side of the road has lost his life.

Geyve Alifuat Cebesoy Lisesi High School 21 years Gamzenur Vural, 10 days 02:00 Pamukova Gokgeoz Village trying to swallow the road around the village, the commercial vehicle lost its life on stage.

Unhappy girl is a friend of the event and leaves with another friend on the day of Bilecik by Geyve while living in Yenisehir Gamzenur Vural üniversiteli, Geyve and his grandfather. The new Gokgez pass has also spoken for a moment on the bridge over the region and he is on the road and his car is arranged between the gods at the county with his friend gone. This Gamzenur came to Goggöz after the discussion and learned to call her another friend.

Gökgöz, Gamzeur will pass while Gökgöz is working in the city center to get the road in the city center to go to his friend’s car. Due to collapse (24), 34, light commercial vehicle YB plate 8774.