25 dead in gun attacks in Nigeria

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Ado Regional President James Oche in a statement to local media said 12 people lost their lives in gunmen attack on 5 villages in Ado region in Benue state .

Oche said many people were injured in the attack and villagers left their homes out of fear.

According to a statement from the Nigerian state office of the Nigerian Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), armed men carried out an attack in the Beri region of Niger state.

In the attack, 13 people were killed, many were injured, and the area’s prison was set on fire.

One person was killed and more than 100 students were kidnapped in an attack by armed men on a madrasa in the Tegina region of Niger province yesterday.

Niger state governor Abubakar Sani Bello said mounting attacks in the state had reached crisis level.

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