37 people have died in the last 3 days from the coronavirus in Spain

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In Spain, it was reported that 37 people died in the last 3 days from the new type of coronavirus epidemic (Kovid-19), and 7 thousand 209 new cases were detected.

According to data updated by the Ministry of Health, the decline in the number of new cases has continued and the number of cases detected per 100,000 people across the country has been announced at 92.

With an increase of 37 recorded since June 18 in Spain, the total loss of life reached 80,000 689, and the number of cases reached 3 million 764,000 651.

The government ended the state of emergency, which was enforced for 7 months across the country due to Kovid-19, including restriction of free movement and nighttime curfew, on May 9 and accelerated the standardization steps.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced that from June 26, the obligation to use masks in open areas will be lifted.
Experts said it would be beneficial for the elderly population to wear masks, especially in crowded places.


In Spain, where vaccination studies are continuing rapidly in Kovid-19, the vaccination process has been completed in 30.4 percent of the population (14 million 431 thousand 683 people), while the number of those who have at minus one dose of vaccine reached 23 million 200 thousand 566% (percentage of population) 48.9).

The government had set a target for 70% of the population to be vaccinated by the end of the summer.

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