44 years of despair! He said ‘I want to die’

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Held in captivity to keep people entertained for 44 years at Marineland’s Niagara Falls Theme Park, all of her puppies and friends are dead, and she’s on social media “The loneliest whale in the world” Known as Whale Kiska, he repeatedly banged his head against the walls of the concrete tank he was in.


Twitter user Phil Demers shared the moments when Kiska, one of the last surviving orcas, banged her head against the wall on social media. As the video sparked a huge reaction on social media, animal rights activists who had been protesting for Kiska’s release for years came to MarineLand and protested.


Orcas are known to be very intelligent and social animals. Whale Kiska, now 44, has spent her life in captivity since being captured off the coast of Iceland. The whale Kiska has led a completely isolated life since 2011, when her last friend moved to another facility after her young died.

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