4,600-year-old Pharaoh’s ship has moved into his new home

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The 4,600-year-old solar boat, buried next to the Egyptian pharaoh’s tomb in the largest pyramid in Giza, has arrived at his new home.

The ship, which was built thousands of years ago with the belief that it would transport the Pharaoh to the afterlife, has been transported to the “Great Museum” of Egypt, which will soon open.

According to reports from the British newspaper Daily Mail, the 20-ton cedarwood vessel was transported within 48 hours.

A special remote-controlled vehicle imported from Belgium was purchased to transport the vessel, which traveled approximately 8 kilometers.

The ship, which was buried in a ditch in 1954, is 43.6m long and 5.9m wide.

In April, authorities moved the mummified remains of 22 pharaohs from the iconic Egyptian Museum in Cairo to the city’s National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in a grand ceremony.

Egypt says the Grand Egyptian Museum, which has been under construction on and off for 17 years, will contain more than 100,000 artifacts when it opens.

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