47 dead in terrorist attack in Burkina Faso

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In a written statement made by the Ministry of Communications, it was reported that a convoy carrying soldiers and civil protection volunteers was attacked by a terrorist attack in Gorgadji, Soum district.

It was said that 30 civilians, 14 members of the security forces and 3 volunteers who assisted the security forces lost their lives in the attack.

After the attack, in which at least 19 people were injured, it was recorded that the security forces neutralized 58 terrorists.

Al-Qaeda and Daesh-linked terrorist groups operating in neighboring Mali have carried out frequent attacks in northern and eastern Burkina Faso since 2015.

Although Burkina Faso is conducting joint military operations with its other Sahelian neighbor, Niger, it cannot weaken the power of terrorist groups stationed in Mali.

According to United Nations data, 17,500 people have had to leave the country for security reasons since the start of the year.

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