54% of Americans support the requirement for a vaccine

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It was noted that 54% of Americans who took part in the survey commissioned by CNN’s SSRS research group approved the introduction of mandatory vaccinations for employees returning to work. In the survey, the rate of those wishing to make vaccination compulsory for returning students and those wishing to participate in sports programs was 55%.

The rate of those who want to be vaccinated for those who shop in grocery stores and markets remained at 41%. In the survey, it was pointed out that since April, when discussions about introducing the vaccine requirement in similar areas began, the number of people who view the problem positively has increased by 6% for students, 8% for office workers and mass events. , and 15 percent for grocery shoppers.

It was reported that the said survey was conducted among 2,119 randomly selected adults across the country between August 3 and September 7.

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