80 times stronger than morphine … $ 5 million reward for a Chinese smuggler!

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The US State Department has announced that it will offer up to $ 5 million in rewards to anyone providing information for the arrest or detention of Chinese citizen Zhang Jian, the head of an international crime syndicate who illegally transports fentanyl.

In the statement made by the US State Department, it was noted that 4 Americans who used fentanyls introduced into the United States by the criminal organization led by Zhang in 2013-2016 lost the lives and bodies of 5 people were seriously damaged.

Pointing out that Zhang was sentenced to jail in the North Dakota case in January 2018, it was pointed out that a monetary reward of up to $ 5 million would be given to those who provided information about the location, arrest or capture of the leader.


Fentanyl, which was found as a result of medical studies in Belgium in the early 1950s, is known to be a drug 80 times more potent than morphine.

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Fentanyl, which began to be used therapeutically in medicine in the early 1990s, is also preferred in the field of anesthesia because it is an effective pain reliever. The substance, which is said to give effective results especially for cancer patients, is among the most valuable drugs in the medical world.

Fentanyl has killed many people in Canada in recent years.

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