8,743 cases of coronavirus seen in France in the last 24 hours

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According to the statement from the French Public Health Agency, 96 people have died in hospitals in the past 24 hours. The number of deaths in the Kovid-19 epidemic rose to 109,000,787.

The number of people detected with viruses in the country has increased from 8,000,743 to 5 million 685,000,915.

The treatment of 15,638 people continues in hospitals, including 2,754 in intensive care.

According to data shared by the French Ministry of Health, the number of people vaccinated against Kovid-19 since December 27, 2020 has risen to 26 million 583 thousand 112, of which 11 million 452 thousand 53 have received a second dose.

On the other hand, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that people aged 12 to 18 can be vaccinated from June 15.

Expressing that half of adults have shot the first dose of the vaccine, Macron said the outbreak has started to spread again in parts of the country, so care needs to be taken.

Macron said they can remove the mask requirement in open areas in areas that are not at risk for the outbreak.

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