A bill has been presented in Iran which provides for a ban on negotiations with the United States

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Some Iranian lawmakers have submitted a series of bills to the assembly, including barring government officials from meeting with the US administration.

According to information from the official Iranian agency IRNA, a number of bills and bills introduced, including the plan to ban Iranian officials from negotiating with the United States, were announced during a public session of the Assembly.

In another bill submitted to parliament, it is envisaged to legalize and support cryptocurrency mining, which is touted as the source of widespread blackouts in the country.

It is specified that these proposals could be placed on the agenda of the Assembly in the coming days.

Indirect negotiations between Iran and the United States are underway in the negotiations, which lasted around 3 months in Vienna, the capital of Austria, and discussed the full implementation of the Iran nuclear deal. , called “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (KOEP)” and the return of the United States to the agreement.

Due to massive power cuts in Iran, one of the countries with the most cryptocurrency production in the world, cryptocurrency mining activities in the country have been suspended by order of President Hassan Rouhani. May 26.

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Rouhani, in a June 6 statement, wanted cryptocurrency activities to be placed on a legal basis in the country.

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