A city official who organized the marathon in China, where 21 people died, committed suicide

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According to information from China Central Television (CCTV), police in Cingtay City in Gansu Province announced that one of the marathon organizers, Li Zuobi, the city’s CCP chief, committed suicide in jumping out of the apartment where he lived.

According to reports, the families of the athletes who lost their lives were offered compensation of $ 150,000 each.

During the marathon held in Gansu Province on May 22, 21 of 172 participants lost their lives due to adverse weather conditions caused by the sudden drop in temperature.

In the preliminary investigation report prepared regarding the event, it was pointed out that insufficient planning had been made regarding the competition and that the necessary measures had not been taken after the deterioration of the weather conditions and that the organizers were accused of failing in their responsibilities.

Following the announcement of the report, 2 people were arrested today, 27 officials were sentenced to sanctions such as demotion and warning, and Zuobi’s assistant was fired.

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