A hailstorm marked the fashion giant’s parade

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At the end of the fashion show, which was held in the Arsenale, one of the main venues of the Venice Biennale, hail with a diameter of two centimeters began to fall from the sky. As the guests, including famous names, fled in panic, these moments were recorded second by second.

Luke Leitch of fashion magazine Vogue conveyed the atmosphere at the end of the show to his audience in an article titled “Even the Apocalyptic Hailstorm Couldn’t Cancel Gabbana’s Fashion Show in Alta Sartoria.”

Leitch wrote that the screams started with the walnut-sized hail and said guests were making helmets by removing the Velcro cushions.

In the videos reflected on social networks, we see that some guests try to protect themselves from the hail by opening umbrellas.

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