A Malian woman gave birth to 9 babies!

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The expression “race nine” is used in two senses. Its first meaning is “to await a situation with impatience, excitement and curiosity”. The second meaning is “to end a job with difficulties and difficulties, to suffer a lot of difficulties until the job is finished”.

A birth in Morocco literally gave life to this idiom. A Malian woman gave birth to exactly 9 babies.

In the statement from the Ministry of Financial Health, it was stated that Halime Sisi, a citizen of Mali, had given birth in a health facility in Casablanca by caesarean section.

The mother and 9 children were noted to be in good health. It was reported that five of the babies were girls and four were boys.

It was recorded that Halime Sisi, 25, carried 7 babies during examinations carried out in Bamako, the capital of Mali, then was transferred to Morocco on March 30 for a follow-up of her state of health.

The woman’s birth costs were said to be covered by the interim government of Mali.

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It was announced that Halime Sisi had been admitted to the clinic in Morocco on March 20 and was under follow-up, and the babies were born with a cesarean section performed yesterday.

Multiple pregnancies are considered at risk during pregnancy and childbirth and are considered to be cases requiring medical follow-up.

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