A murder that shocked the world! Belgian F1 coach killed by husband

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When a double murder and suicide case in Belgium hit the headlines, it rocked not only the country but the world. Belgian Formula 1 manager Nathalie Maillet was killed by her jealous husband.

Nathalie Maillet, 51, was found shot dead at her home in Gouvy, Belgium. Alongside Maillet was Ann Lawrence Durviaux, 53, who would be his lover.

Nathalie Maillet’s husband, Franz Dubois, shot two women and then himself after seeing his wife and her lover in bed together, Belgian police said in a statement.

In the press release, the following statement was made: At 12:10 am, the bodies of two women and a man were found in a house in Gouvy. All three died from gunshot wounds.

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The murder was allegedly committed with Franz Dubois’ own weapon.

It is claimed that Maillet and Durviaux, who were murdered, have been lovers for some time. Although the police focused on jealousy in the murder, it is believed to have been because the two women were jealous of her husband’s career rather than that the two women were lovers.

Murder that shocked Belgium's F1 manager killed by her husband

It is one of the subjects most mentioned in the local press of the country, where the couple, married for 17 years, have difficulties in this regard and the successes of Nathalie Maillet as driver and manager of F1 are envied by her husband. Franz Dubois, who works in the same sector and cannot even come close to these successes.

The Formula 1 community has shared their love for Nathalie Maillet with countless massages on social media following the death of their world-famous and beloved manager.

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