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The publication “Voennoe Obozreniye” (Military Observation), known for its proximity to the military intelligence service of the Russian Defense Ministry, reported that Moscow has doubled the number of warships and submarines on the Syrian coast these days. last days. It was pointed out that the Russian military force off the port of Tartus has achieved the capacity to fire 32 “Kalibar” cruise missiles at the same time. The “Calibars” are the Russian equivalent of the United States’ Tomahawk missiles. While the date of the operation has not been given, “The diesel submarine ‘Rostov’ and the frigate ‘Admiral Essen’, which is on guard off the Syrian coast, have joined two new submarines and a warship of the Pacific Navy, 12 thousand km. The target of the possible operation is the Idlib region. It aims to ensure that all kinds of terrorist organizations, whose activities in the Turkish-controlled region cannot be brought under control, lay down their arms and surrender to the Syrian administration by means of aerial intervention in their headquarters.


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A message was also given from Russia on the Idlib region through diplomacy. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the situation in the Syrian region of Idlib is still far from the agreements signed between Russia and Turkey on March 6, 2020, and said: “The process of separating terrorist groups from opposition in the Idlib region is not over. Again. There is still work to be done to end the agreement between Putin and Erdogan. “We are in permanent contact with the Turkish side in Idleb,” he said.

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