A vaccine will be given to gorillas who have caught the coronavirus!

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Zoo Atlanta, located in Atlanta, Georgia, announced in a gorilla press release with Kovid-19 on September 10 that the gorillas in question will receive a Kovid-19 vaccine specially designed for animals after their recovery.

Officials said the vaccine developed by Zoetis for animals has already been applied to animal species susceptible to Kovid-19 in the country, and they will apply the vaccine to orangutans, tigers, African lions and leopards, except sick gorillas.

“The Atlanta Zoo has been approved for use of the Zoetis vaccine by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Georgia state veterinarian,” the statement said.


The gorillas at Zoo Zoo in Atlanta were tested by their caregivers after observing a cough, runny nose and loss of appetite. After the symptomatic gorilla’s initial test results were positive, the vets who started treatment closely followed the 20 gorillas without showing any symptoms.

Officials who made a statement about how the animals contracted Kovid-19 said: “While it is not clear how the gorillas contracted the virus, animal care and veterinarian teams believe that the he infection was caused by a member of the Kovid-positive healthcare team. The team member was fully vaccinated, was using personal protective equipment (PPE) and was asymptomatic the day he arrived for work.

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The COVID-19 vaccine for animals began to be developed last year by Zoetis, a private medical company operating in the United States and working in animal health.

With the great apes captured at the San Diego Zoo in January 2021, Zoetis’ R&D team sent the experimental vaccine Kovid-19 to zoo authorities for emergency use. The vaccine has been declared to be safe and has reasonable effectiveness against the virus.

The Kovid-19 vaccine for animals was said to be finished for cats and dogs, and after millions of minks caught Kovid-19 in Denmark, work on developing the vaccine focused on mink.

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