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Superb research of masks for schools

class = “medyanet-inline-adv”> With the entry of the intensive period of vaccination into the coronavirus epidemic, many countries, including Turkey, have decided to switch to face-to-face teaching in schools. Parents are aware of the importance of education, but they still have not succeeded in shaking off the fear of the spread of the virus. School

113 members of the Ennahda Movement in Tunisia have resigned

class = “medyanet-inline-adv”> Members of the Ennahda Movement, former Minister of Health Abdullatif al-Mekki, former Minister of Agriculture Mohammed bin Salim, members of the Movement, Semir Dilo and MP Cemile Kisikisi, issued a joint statement regarding the resignation of 113 members. “The poor political choices of the Ennahda administration have led to the isolation of

Discussions about the origin of Kovid-19 multiply … Australia calls for independent UN investigation

class = “medyanet-inline-adv”> (AA) Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called for an independent United Nations investigation into the source of the new type of coronavirus outbreak (Kovid-19) “to prevent the next one from happening”. Prime Minister Morrison, who has established contacts in the United States, said in his address to the 76th United Nations

3,493 shark fins seized at airport

class = “medyanet-inline-adv”> Environment Minister Carlos Eduardo Correa said: “I strongly reject the illegal trade in sharks, a species vital to the health of the oceans. “These seized fins are equivalent to between 900 and 1,000 sharks killed,” he said. It was reported that the fins were seized as they were about to be sent

Iraq is resting: we refuse to normalize with Israel

class = “medyanet-inline-adv”> In the statement made by the Iraqi Prime Ministry, “As the Iraqi government, we absolutely reject the illegal meetings of certain tribal representatives in Erbil for the slogan of normalization with Israel.” it has been said. Stressing that the participants in said meetings represent only their own opinions, and not the Iraqi

‘Kural yok, baskı yok, bir gemi ve kripto para var’ dediler ama… Başlarına gelmeyen kalmadı!

class=”medyanet-inline-adv”> Takvimler 7 Aralık 2010 tarihini gösteriyordu. Google’ın eski mühendislerinden Patri Friedman, San Francisco’da bir oditoryumda toplanmış Silikon Vadisi ahalisine insanlığın geleceğini anlatıyordu. Toplanmanın ev sahibi Thiel Vakfı’ydı. Liberter görüşleriyle tanınan PayPal kurucusu Peter Thiel tarafından hayata geçirilen vakıf, “tüm boyutlarıyla özgürlüğün savunulmasını ve desteklenmesini” amaçlıyordu. Geçtiğimiz yüzyılda serbest piyasa ekonomisinin bayraktarlığını yapan en önemli