Afghan pop star recounts Istanbul escape: Shoot me in the head, don’t give it to the Taliban

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Afghan pop star Aryana Sayeed, 36, who has been exposed to the wrath of radical names for her defense of women’s rights and her clothes in AFGHANISTAN, recounted how she fled the capital Kabul for Istanbul after the takeover by the Taliban.


Speaking to AFP in her Istanbul apartment, singer Aryana Sayeed escaped her beloved Kabul in a way that could be the subject of films. Sayeed, who was once unable to walk the streets in Afghanistan because of his fans wanting to take selfies, failed his first escape attempt on August 15, when the Taliban began to enter Kabul. When he tried to try his luck the next day, the Taliban surrounded the airport.


He describes the day he managed to escape: “My fiancee and my manager, Hasib Sayed, were trying to communicate with me by radio in a second car. “If they try to take me alive, shoot me. I said, ‘Just a bullet in the head. This is the only thing I was afraid of. I have never been afraid of dying.


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“On the way to the airport, I hugged an unknown child to pass the Taliban checkpoints, covered my face and tried to look like a normal family. To the little boy I was holding in my arms, if they stop us you will tell them that I am your mother. You shouldn’t say I’m Aryana, I said I’m Freshta.
People were jostling at the airport, there were children, there were little babies, women passed out for lack of air and space.


“The American soldiers refused passage, giving priority to American citizens, but a translator recognized my fiancé, Hasib, and told the soldiers that he was the fiancé of a big star whose life was in danger. So we took the plane.


The singer and her fiancee arrived in Istanbul, where their apartments are located, after traveling to Doha, Kuwait and the United States respectively. Afghan pop singer said Afghan women today are more educated and self-aware than women who were forced to drop out of school and work when the Taliban last ruled the country in 1996-2001 .


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Aryana also said that today’s Taliban are no different from the old and said, “I hope the world soon realizes that this is not a changed or new Taliban. . Aryana Sayeed, who said she felt like she was in prison because of the radicals before the Taliban arrived, said: “If the Taliban are there, I can’t find a place because the Taliban are thirsty for blood.


Inspired by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, however, Aryana is not in favor of a direct comparison with them, stating: “Imagine you are on the jury for a music show and you have to wear a bulletproof vest. to avoid getting killed. . I guess my life is very different from theirs. I would love to have a life like them, how can you blame your fate for being born in a country at war like Afghanistan? “

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