Afghan secretly slaughtered … The blood of the public froze!

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A period in Afghanistan came to an end with the last American soldier to leave the region.

The Taliban, who returned to power after 20 years, continue to be the subject of violent news.

Hundreds of protesters, mostly women, took to the streets after the Punjshir resistance movement called for a “nationwide revolt”.

The Taliban fired warning shots to disperse the demonstrators. The blood-curdling images of this event, which the world is following closely, have emerged, so to speak.

A video taken by an Afghan woman while in hiding from Taliban militants quickly went viral on social media.

While it was seen in the footage that Taliban militants randomly opened fire with automatic weapons, the times when dozens of people escaped to survive have not gone unnoticed. The footage also included times when a Taliban activist hit a female protester.

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Just before the Taliban militants arrive in the area with trucks, the demonstrators can be heard chanting “long live the resistance”.

Protesters also chanted anti-Pakistani slogans, accusing them of using drones to smuggle the Panjshir Valley out of the hands of groups resistant to the Taliban.

Afghan secretly slaughtered ... the public's blood froze


As part of the peace agreement reached between the United States and the Taliban in February 2020, the process of withdrawing international forces from Afghanistan began this year.

While the agreement stipulated not to attack foreign forces, it did not provide for the actions of the Taliban against the Afghan security forces.

Afghan secretly slaughtered ... the public's blood froze

Continuing negotiations with the Afghan government in Doha, the Taliban have simultaneously dominated many districts and provincial centers in Afghanistan with heavy attacks since June.

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Besieging the capital Kabul, the Taliban took control of the city without conflict after President Ashraf Ghani left the country on August 15.

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