Alarm in TRNC! The oil spill in Syria is scary

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The Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Ersan Saner, on the development of the Syrian oil spill towards Cyprus, said: “According to the latest information, the pollution from the oil spill is directed towards Syria . used the expression.

Prime Minister Saner held a press conference for the Prime Minister regarding the oil spill from Syria.

At the meeting, Prime Minister’s Undersecretary Hüseyin Amcaoğlu, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport Suat Yeldener, officials from the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and the Ministry of Tourism and Environment , representatives of the General Directorate of Maritime Affairs under the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, experts from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of Turkey, officials of the Coast Guard of the Department of Coastal Security and Ports were also present.

Prime Minister Saner said very serious environmental pollution was encountered in the western part of the Mediterranean, with 15,000 tons of fuel oil from Banyas power station in Syria being mixed into the sea.

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Stating that he immediately started the necessary studies on the subject, Saner said he followed the event closely with the meeting held by the Disaster Emergency Committee within the Prime Ministry, in particular the relevant ministries.

Saner shared the information that they have examined the incident in much more detail thanks to the technical and logistical support provided by Turkey as well as the opportunities in TRNC, and noted that they have taken bilateral initiatives to maintain the measures. to be taken at the highest level. .

Emphasizing that the relevant authorities of Turkey came to the TRNC this morning and supported them, Saner thanked the delegation.

Prime Minister Saner said that as soon as he received information about the incident, they determined the existing barriers as part of the measures taken by the crisis office, and in the first place they sent the ships and the Cyprus Turkish Coastal Safety and Salvage Limited Company affiliated tugs from Famagusta and Girne on the scene.

The alarm of the oil spill from the TRNC in Syria created fear

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Saner, in support of this, announced that they have provided the delivery of barriers owned by Cyprus Turkish Petroleum Limited Company, Al-Pet and AKSA in the Dipkarpaz region.

Stressing that the aim here is to prevent fuel oil from approaching the land possible, Saner said the barriers belonging to the Turkish Cyprus Electricity Authority are about to be shipped to the region so that they mobilize all the means at their disposal.

Stating that the maritime vehicles that will be needed to put up the barriers have been provided by the Coast Guard Command and the Turkish Cyprus Coastal Safety and Ship Rescue Limited Company, Saner said he assessed the event at highest level with a team of 5 people. people from their native country, Turkey.

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Prime Minister Saner stressed that there is garbage in the sea and that it is not easy to clean up this garbage.

The alarm of the oil spill from the TRNC in Syria created fear


Stating that Turkey provided them with another opportunity that they did not have in the TRNC, Saner said: “To date, the vessel Nene Hatun with a waste collection capacity of 1000 cubic meters and the vessel Seyit Onbaşı with a waste collection capacity of 400 cubic meters, which is affiliated with the Turkish Coastal Security, took off. The ships are expected to be in the area on Friday. ” noted.

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Emphasizing that they monitor the arrival of the current fuel from the air during aerial inspections with safety vehicles, Saner said: “The direction of the current has shifted to the eastern shores of the northern Mediterranean with the wind. blowing from the southwest since yesterday. According to the latest information, the pollution from the oil spill has turned to Syria. he said.

Saner also thanked President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his deputy Fuat Oktay, expressing that the two ships they have ordered to collect waste from the sea are of vital importance in order to remove the pollution that would threaten humanity.

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