Amazing event in Italy: This is how the dealer operator was caught, who took the scratch booth worth 5 million lire and ran away!

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A dealer operating in Italy escaped by taking the scratch ticket from its owner, who won a bonus of 500 thousand euros (around 5 million lire). The concession operator, wanted for two days, was arrested at the airport as he tried to flee abroad.

In Naples, last Friday, a woman in her sixties went to the dealership where she bought the ticket to validate her ticket.

According to the Italian press, one of the dealer’s employees showed the ticket to the operator after having it approved. GS, who runs the dealership, took the ticket, put it in his pocket, quickly got on his motorcycle and escaped.

After the woman who won the jackpot notified the security forces, a process was initiated to block the ticket.

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Searched for two days, the 57-year-old GS dealer was arrested today as he was about to leave the country. It was reported that the GS had been pulled over at Rome Fiumicino Airport on its way to Fuerteventura from the Canary Islands.

The winning ticket could not be found on the GS. While the search for the ticket was ongoing, a criminal complaint was filed against GS alleging theft.

The concessionary operator, who has not been authorized to travel abroad, has not been arrested at this stage. However, the focus is on revoking the license of the dealer who sells lottery tickets as well as tobacco products.

It is not clear whether the old woman who won the jackpot can get 500,000 euros if the original ticket is not found.

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