Amazing picture! There was a death in the elevator, close to death …

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While some parts of the world are very hot and plagued with forest fires, some areas are plagued with heavy rains and flooding.

On a night that started off normally in the city of Omaha, Nebraska, USA, a man filming a video in an elevator while having fun with his friends made headlines when he shared his experiences on social media just before dying.

When the floodwaters that hit the area suddenly filled the building and reached the elevator, the group who took selfies and videos inside found themselves face to face with death.

Tony Luu and his friends got caught up in the rising waters, and the friends who struggled to keep their heads above the water experienced the horror.

In stills recorded in the video, the friends are seen to tiptoe first and try to breathe after being trapped inside the elevator and the waters started to rise.

Sharing the timing of the event on social media, Tony Luu compared his experience to a “movie scene.”

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Due to the rains which increased with the effect of the storm, the raging waters that passed the ventilation of the apartment where the elevator was located began to fill.

Things turned out very differently when Luu said he thought the water would stop when it was at his ankles. As the waters continued to rise, they called 911. Upon their call to 911, the group can be heard saying “please hurry, we are about to die here”.

The friends, who began to struggle to open the elevator door when the water was almost over their heads, manage to open the door when they have no room to breathe and they’re about to drown, and they get out of the elevator.

Fortunately, everyone in the group escaped serious injuries from this incredible nightmare.

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