Amazing Research Result: Plant Based Nutrition Reduces Risk Of Kovid-19

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Scientists from King’s College London and Harvard University Medical School have published the results of scientific research by examining the nutritional and socio-economic data of 600,000 people. In the data reviewed, it was indicated that people who consume plant foods frequently have a lower risk of contracting Kovid-19 than those who consume them infrequently.

According to the results of research based on analysis conducted by scientists on the nutritional data of 600,000 people, it was stated that those who follow a plant-based diet are less likely to catch Kovid-19 and have the disease severely even if they are caught.

In the research results, it was stated that the risk of contracting the disease is related to the applied diet and the socio-economic status of the regions where the individuals live.


As part of the study, it was reported that 19% of those who participated in the pre-pandemic eating habits survey were captured in Kovid-19. Rather than looking at specific foods or nutrients, research has focused on broader eating patterns that reflect the way people eat.

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As part of the survey, a “diet quality score” was generated, reflecting the value of each participant’s diet. Diets with high quality scores were determined to include plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, as well as oily fish, less processed foods, and refined carbohydrates.

The lower quality score was observed in diets containing overly processed foods and low amounts of plants. Researchers pointed out that people who eat the highest quality diet are about 10% less likely to contract COVID-19 than those who eat the least nutritious diet.

It has been stated that those people who follow a herbal diet have 40 percent less risk of getting serious illness.

In reviews, it has been stated that socio-economic factors are an important factor in the spread of Kovid-19. The researchers pointed out that in the absence of discrimination based on these factors, about a quarter of Kovid-19 cases can be prevented. In this context, the experts stressed the improvement of public health.

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