Ambassador Arslan’s statement on Syria: “Turkey’s priority has always been the protection of civilians”

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(AA) The 46-page report prepared by the United Nations Independent International Research Commission on Syria on the human rights situation in Syria between July 1, 2020 and July 30, 2021 was presented to the 48th session of the Council of United Nations Human Rights, which continues at the United Nations Office in Geneva. in Swiss.

Speaking on the report, Ambassador Arslan drew attention to the fact that 9 million Syrians depend on direct or indirect support from Turkey.

“Turkey’s priority in Syria has always been the protection of civilians in terms of security and humanitarian aid,” Arslan said. noted.

Stressing that the Syrians have been subjected to the most serious violations and abuses of international human rights in the conflict which has lasted for about 10 years, Arslan stressed that the Assad regime continues to be the main perpetrator of hunger, disruption. basic services and prevention of humanitarian aid in the country, as in the example of the headquarters of his regime in the city of Daraa in recent weeks.


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Arslan criticized the fact that the YPG / PKK terrorist organization, which uses the name SDF in Syria, did not mention attacks on civilians in occupied areas in the report:

“We must be vigilant against separatist programs and violations committed by terrorist organizations in Syria. Unfortunately, the report mentions the responsibility of the terrorist organization SDG / PKK / YPG in attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure, including the UN-registered Shifa hospital, on land held by the opposition. is not done.

Ambassador Arslan stressed that the international community should not allow the Syrian crisis to continue for another 10 years and noted that a stronger will should be demonstrated to find a political solution.

On the other hand, in the report published on September 14, it was stated that there was no environment in Syria conducive to the “safe” and “honorable” return of the refugees.

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