An Afghan journalist spoke to CNN Turk: I wish they would listen to Atatürk more …

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“Where is my president?” Afghan journalist Nazira Karimi, who has put herself on the global agenda by asking this question, said something that would come back to the fore in her striking interview with CNN Türk. Stating that the Afghan people and Afghan women will continue to make their voices heard, Karimi’s emphasis on Atatürk was the most striking aspect of the interview.

Karimi’s vividly-worded interview was performed by CNN Turk presenter Göksu Öngören Özgür. Here are the headlines from the mind-blowing interview …

“I suffered a lot from the Taliban. I had to flee my country. Now the Taliban say they have changed, but I don’t believe it. I spoke to the women there. to come up.

I asked the Pentagon spokesperson. Now I ask again: where is Ashraf Ghani? Where is our president? The Taliban have taken everything under control. They say they are going to found a new country. We don’t even have a president. I ask the USA: will they help us?

Afghan women are very strong, but when I think about what is going on there right now, I cry, I feel like I’m dying.

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What would happen if Ghani stayed in the country? There are discussions about it. He participated in the Doha negotiations. It was close to the USA. They said everything will be fine. Gani has always been peaceful. If he was in the country, the Taliban would not have come so easily and would have changed regimes. Now no one knows what happened.

I am in contact with Afghan women. There is great silence at this time. But this peaceful period will be short. The Taliban issued a statement and said, “We will give women the right to become police officers, doctors, teachers under Sharia law. What about the other women? What if they want to choose another profession? We are Muslims too, but I don’t understand the concept of Sharia law in their minds.

Thousands of people, women and children want to flee to Canada, to the USA. What will be the fate of those who cannot escape? I am very sorry to see them.

Afghans are not just what you see. They have entered a dark period, they no longer know what to do. As a journalist, it saddens me to see this.

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I don’t believe the Taliban will change, international support won’t change them. I want to send a message to the Taliban. If you’ve changed, show it and change your ideology. Afghan women will not give up and will continue to protect their rights. Even though I am far away, I will continue to be their voice.

If they changed, they wouldn’t touch our flag. They lowered the Afghan flag. if they change, let them hang the Afghan flag and their own flag side by side. The flag of Afghanistan is my identity, this flag is mine! Now she is next to me and I kiss her.

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“I remember Atatürk very well. I remember the good relations between Turkey and Afghanistan. I wish they had listened to Atatürk more and followed his path. Then we would not have experienced this.”

“You ask why we fled the Taliban. I was a successful young journalist when the Taliban first arrived, when this possibility arose. Despite this, I fled to Pakistan. But the Taliban were also influential in Pakistan. I wanted to meet them. as a journalist. In addition, I worked for the BBC. But they didn’t answer me and said we didn’t talk to women. They punished me. After that, I escaped Pakistan and settled in the United States.

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I left my country for 20 years. I have never seen peace in my country. Every night I dream of a peaceful country and I cry. Let me explain this with a poem: The moment does not forget, the memory is not mistaken. You still carry that in your heart.

He only went to my country once for a conference in 2012. Then I came back straight away. I kissed the ground as I left. Once upon a time there were women who roamed the streets freely. Culturally, everything has changed in Afghanistan.

I have hope, but I don’t trust anyone anymore. He came to my country when Joe Biden was vice president. At that time, the girls told him, save us, don’t leave us alone, we want to be doctors, engineers. Biden promised to help them, not to leave them alone.

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Now I ask Biden, who is the President of the United States. Will you leave the children and girls alone in Afghanistan? Will you leave them to their fate?

They say we’re done there. I call on the international community, the whole world. Don’t leave us alone. Watch the Taliban. See if they really change. If they have changed, I have the utmost respect. But if everything goes back to how it was before, the world will not leave us alone. Even though I am here, I will help the Afghan people and Afghan women for as long as I can, and I will be a voice for their voices. “

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