Angelina Jolie did not remain silent on the Afghan drama

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The actress, who previously didn’t have a social media account, said she would include “stories of people fighting for basic human rights” on her Instagram account.

Jolie, who is also the goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), wrote in her first post that she shared a letter written by an Afghan girl, whom she had met with Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban in Afghanistan two weeks before 9/11.

Jolie expressed sadness that Afghans are being displaced again due to the fear and uncertainty surrounding their country.

The actor said: “After all the time and money spent, the bloodshed and the lives lost to reach this conclusion is an incomprehensible failure.” made his comment.

Jolie also described the fact that the Afghan refugees, whom she describes as “the most talented people in the world”, are seen as a burden, as “sickening”.

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