Announcing Biden Family Income in 2020

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The White House reports that Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have announced their tax returns.

As a result, the Biden pair earned $ 607,336 in 2020. The Biden family, which saw their income decline from 2019 due to the presidential campaign, paid federal income tax of $ 157,414 last year.

The Biden couple earned $ 944,737 in 2019 and paid $ 299,346 in federal income tax.

Biden and his wife donated 5.1% of their total income to 10 different charities last year.

Vice President Harris and his wife also won $ 1 million 695 thousand $ 225 thousand last year. Federal income tax paid by the Harris family for the past year was 621 thousand 893 dollars. The Harris couple donated $ 27.66 to charities in 2020.

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