Another tragedy in India … a ship sank, 127 missing

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In recent weeks, another tragedy has occurred in India, which has been on the agenda with the news about the coronaviruses.

The hurricane that hit the country sank a ship.

There were 273 people on board the ship, which sank after being dragged off Mumbai.

According to preliminary information, 127 people on board are still missing.

The Defense Ministry said 146 people had been rescued from the ship, which is operated by a state-owned oil company.

The Indian Navy said search and rescue efforts for 127 people are continuing.

The statement also contained information that operations are expected to continue throughout the day in “extremely difficult sea conditions”.


Stressing that the hurricane’s speed can reach 185 kilometers per hour, experts say it is the most severe hurricane seen recently.

It is among the reports that hundreds of Kovid-19 patients have also been moved to safer areas due to the hurricane.

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