Anti-Taliban Alliance of the Sons of the Resistance

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After the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, activity in the region continues. A new resistance movement, known as the “Northern Alliance”, has started in the country against the Taliban. The movement has special significance as it brings together the sons of two famous commanders who have been rivals in the past. In the direction of movement; Ahmad Mesud, the son of Shah Mesud, one of the famous commanders of the Afghan-Soviet war and then making a name for himself in the fight against the Taliban and al-Qaeda, and Yar Dostum, son of Rashid Dostum of Uzbek origin. In addition, Vice President Emrullah Salih, who declared himself the new head of the country after President Ashraf Ghani fled, is leading the resistance.


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Emrullah Salih, who left the capital Kabul on August 15, met Ahmed Masud in Punjshir province and began to assemble the new Afghan resistance army. The anti-Taliban alliance has around 10,000 fighters. The first clash between ethnic alliance forces and the Taliban took place last Friday in the town of Charikar, in Perwan province, adjacent to Panjshir. The region is 50 km from the capital Kabul. Using weapons left by the Afghan army, the resistance defeated Taliban forces for the first time since the United States withdrew from the country. According to the social media channel “Panjshir-Province”, more than 100 Taliban militants were killed in this first fight.


After this first resistance victory, forces from Dostum would also have arrived in the region. Russian agency Interfax wrote that Yar Dostum, son of Dostum, who was in Uzbekistan, came to Panjshir with about 3,000 fighters. Yar Dostum, who studied at the Turkish Military Academy, obtained the rank of “lieutenant”. The second serious conflict with the Taliban took place in the northern province of Balgan. Here, Taliban elements from the town of Pul-Hesar have been pushed back.


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In contrast, the Taliban sat down at the negotiating table with the resistance after suffering two defeats. According to Russian sources, the Taliban promised Saleh and Massoud security of life in exchange for depositing the weapons and handing them over to the Penjshir. The resistance would have denied this. The Resistance Command called on the world, especially the United States and Russia, to “give us weapons to fight the Taliban, not soldiers.”


It is not yet clear how the United States will respond to the resistance call for support. However, military experts say it will not be possible for the United States to support the resistance until the withdrawal from Kabul is completed. Russia is expected to respond negatively to this call. Because Russian President Vladimir Putin said: “The reality of the Taliban in Afghanistan must now be accepted. “Measures which will lead to the disintegration of Afghanistan must be avoided,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Resistance Alliance also released an announcement for the Afghan people. In the announcement, it was pointed out that while Afghan soldiers were invited to come to Punjshir, the future of Afghanistan could not be established with the Taliban.

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