Anxious suspense! His whole family is in Gaza, he in Istanbul

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Usame Seyam’s mother and father are all in Gaza … His mind and heart are there … He is always worried that the news will come in pain. Seyam does not have a phone call and is constantly talking to his family in Gaza.


The saying “Mankind is the hell of mankind” is once again justified in the face of this pain. Shot in festive attire, the children are screaming with blood.

Children cry, mothers cry. In fact, humanity is crying in Gaza. Moreover, for 70 years… Israel occupies, persecutes and kills.


Israel continues to expel Palestinians from their own lands and occupy them by killing them. Israel wants to break up Jerusalem, the Masjid al-Aqsa. The more she bombs, the more she does, the persecution does not stop.


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Usame Seyam came to Istanbul 10 years ago for university studies. Seyam works as a cybersecurity expert, is married and has one child.

Seyam is unable to make it to Gaza due to the Israeli blockade, his eyes are on the television, and his phone never drops.

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