Assad regime forces entered the neighborhood they besieged in Daraa

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Eymen Ebu Nokta, spokesperson for the Horan Freedoms Community, founded by Dera activists, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Assad regime forces entered the neighborhood they besieged in the center. city ​​of Daraa in accordance with the agreement reached on September 1.

Ebu Nokta said that regime forces who entered the Dera el-Beled neighborhood after Russian pressure on residents of the region began an identity check study in the neighborhood.

The spokesperson said that regime forces reopened the Sicne-Menşiyye road, which connects the Dera el-Beled district to the city center, for the return of displaced civilians to their homes.

Sharing information that 130 small arms have been delivered by former opposition regime forces and neighborhood residents so far, Ebu Nokta noted that the regime’s army will establish 9 checkpoints in the neighborhood. .

Ebu Nokta said the 15th division of the regime’s army and elements of the security units will be deployed at the checkpoints to be established.

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The Daraa Central Committee and the forces of the Assad regime reached a ceasefire agreement with Russia mediation on September 1.

According to the agreement, which provided for authorizing the search of houses in the besieged neighborhood by regime forces, residents of the neighborhood and dissidents were required to hand over their weapons to regime forces.

However, the Iranian-backed 4th Division, under the regime’s army roof, began to bomb the region intensively 2 days after the agreement entered into force.

Russia, which has remained silent in the face of the Assad regime’s attacks, has warned locals that they will support the regime’s attacks if they do not accept the regime’s demands.


On June 25, the Assad regime and its supporter Russia called on residents of the Dera el-Beled neighborhood and the opposition to return all small arms to their possession and allow homes to be searched.

The Daraa Reconciliation Center and the notables of the peoples of the region opposed this request on the grounds that it violated the agreement reached with the Assad regime in July 2018, under the mediation of Russia, to deliver only heavy weapons.

Thereupon, Assad regime forces began to blockade approximately 40,000 civilians living in Dera el-Beled on June 25.

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On July 26, an agreement was reached between the delegation of Assad regime forces and the Daraa Reconciliation Center that residents of the Dera el-Beled neighborhood and the military opposition there should hand over all their weapons. light, allow the search of their homes. and the blockade is lifted.

However, tension spread to rural areas in eastern and western Dera province when the Assad regime launched a ground operation on the morning of July 29 in order to break the deal and to strengthen its dominance in the neighborhood.

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Following the clashes between the parties, the local armed opposition in Dera seized many checkpoints belonging to regime forces and captured some elements of the regime.

After negotiations between the delegation of Assad regime forces and the Reconciliation Center in Dera, under Russian supervision, failed, regime forces targeted the neighborhood with mortar and tank fire. regular intervals since July 29.

The Central Committee, which was leading negotiations on behalf of the inhabitants of the region in Dera el-Beled, and the delegation affiliated with the Assad regime, again negotiated with Russia’s mediation and reached an agreement on a ceasefire. -fire.

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With the wave of the “Arab Spring” spreading from the Middle East to Syria, the fuse of the popular uprising that began on March 15, 2011, when a group of students wrote on the school wall: “Doctor (Bashar Assad) now it’s your turn,” addressed to Bashar Assad, is in Dera. Over the years, the city has fallen into the hands of the opposition.

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