Attempts to form a government in Bulgaria have failed

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One of the country’s former foreign ministers, MP Daniel Mitov, appointed by the party as prime minister, handed over the task of forming a cabinet to President Roumen Radev.

Mitov announced that the Citizens Party for European Development (GERB), which has the second largest group of 63 members out of 240 members of the Bulgarian parliament, was unable to find support from other political forces and has it therefore reinstated.

Other parliamentary forces accuse former Prime Minister Borisov and his party of establishing an authoritarian regime and of collaborating with the country’s underworld while they were in power.

With the largest group of 65 people in parliament, formed after the extraordinary legislative elections of July 11 in the country, such a popular Var party (ITN) had failed in its attempt to form a government.

According to the constitution, President Radev must make one last attempt to form a new cabinet and appoint one of the other four political forces in parliament.

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A government that can be formed must have the support of at least 121 of the 240 MPs in order to receive a vote of confidence.

Political observers, given the conflicts between the 6 powers in parliament, believe that the country is likely to hold early elections again in the short term.

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