Australia does not actually exist! This time, the “anti-country” conspiracy theory

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Is Australia a place that does not exist? According to the Guardian news, this interesting information may be true …

A theory that denies the existence of the country is gaining ground. But the idea that countries and cities are just the product of our imagination is a myth that dates back to the birth of the web.

The discovery, seen by some as a joke or conspiracy theory, has been circulating on social media in recent weeks after being made on Reddit in early 2017. But it turns out that this conjecture isn’t the only theory. Like: Over the years, online sleuths have discovered that all kinds of places just don’t exist.

Finland tops the list, with some speculating that Finland, located between Russia and Sweden, carried out a daring rearguard operation against the Soviet invasion towards World War II. This theory also originated on Reddit in 2015. According to Raregan’s explanation, Finland was just a fictional creation designed to establish fishing quotas to help the export of sushi from Russia to Japan.

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Last summer, another Reddit user claimed that the Italian region of Molise, with a population of 300,000, apparently as a result of an Italian joke, did not exist, while Brazilians argued that for nearly five years, the state of Acre in the northwest did not exist. , but if there were, it’s a country where dinosaurs still live, if there are any, a theory online says.

The joke or the rigorously proven and debated theory that a country or region does not exist is actually one of the oldest myths on the internet. As early as 1993, German users of Usenet, the online discussion platform that predated the Web, wrote stories that the Westphalian town of 300,000 people, Bielefeld, was fictional created by the CIA, Mossad and aliens, or a combination of all three.

The joke has crossed decades, online platforms, language barriers and international cultures and continues to circulate.

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“The beauty of myths is that they are malleable and anyone can take their own turn on something and be part of the story,” says author Mollie Goodfellow. “I think we all like to be a bit involved in stories, especially on the internet, where different cliques and subgroups can form.” he adds.

Australia does not exist This time the anti-country conspiracy theory

In these days when fake news and mainstream media conspiracies are so intense, however, no information is taken lightly. This is why The Guardian contacted a diplomatic source who admitted to speaking unofficially.

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The meeting will discuss what can be done about the alleged existence of Finland and Australia.

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