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Last minute: Saudi Arabia’s flash statement from Iran

class = “medyanet-inline-adv”> Speaking to the official Iranian agency IRNA, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Said Hatibzade said more regular contacts have taken place between the governments of Tehran and Riyadh in recent months. Stating that several rounds of talks have taken place with Saudi authorities in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, and that these meetings

Incredible statements from the Chinese informant! Announcement of the place and date of Corona’s first appearance

class = “medyanet-inline-adv”> Efforts are underway to defeat the coronavirus epidemic, which has collapsed across the world like a nightmare. On the other hand, the question of where and how the virus emerged still awaits an answer. Answering this question is also vital for stemming future epidemics. Although many claims and theories have been made

The toll is heavy in the disaster of the volcano of La Palma! “We were amazed, we will not forget”

class = “medyanet-inline-adv”> (AA-Photo: Abaca / Reuters) The Autonomous Administration of the Canary Islands is trying to find a solution to the housing problem of more than 5,700 people who have had to evacuate their homes due to the volcanic eruptions. Announcing that it will buy 280 houses to help victims who are currently sleeping

Ambassador Arslan’s statement on Syria: “Turkey’s priority has always been the protection of civilians”

class = “medyanet-inline-adv”> (AA) The 46-page report prepared by the United Nations Independent International Research Commission on Syria on the human rights situation in Syria between July 1, 2020 and July 30, 2021 was presented to the 48th session of the Council of United Nations Human Rights, which continues at the United Nations Office in

Foreign Ministry statement on the “Triplice Massacre”: “History was written like a black mark”

class = “medyanet-inline-adv”> (AA) Statements were made on the Foreign Ministry’s social media account about the events which led to the murder of 10 thousand Muslim Turks in the Peloponnese, and which have gone down in history as the “Massacre of the Tripolice “. Stressing that it has been 200 years since tens of thousands