Average life expectancy in Italy dropped by 1.2 years due to Covid

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According to the report by the Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT), the average life expectancy across the country has increased from 83.2 to 82 years.

Life expectancy at birth for 2020 has been calculated at 84.4 years for women and 79.7 years for men. In 2019, those numbers were 85.4 years for women and 81.1 years for men.

In the regions hardest hit by Covid-19, the drop in life expectancy has been much greater. In some towns in the northern Lombardy region, where the highest number of cases and deaths was recorded in the early months of the pandemic, men’s life expectancy has fallen to 4.5 years and to 3.2 years for women.

Bergamo in Lombardy was one of the cities where life expectancy at birth fell the most. The city of Bergamo made the news around the world in March 2020, when there was no room in its morgues and the coffins were transported to other cities by military vehicles.

Siena was the only Italian province whose life expectancy did not decrease in 2020. In this city of Tuscany, life expectancy at birth was set at 83.7 years in 2020, as in 2019.

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“The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, and therefore the sharp increase in the risk of death, abruptly interrupted the upward trend in life expectancy at birth”, indicates the report of the statistical agency . According to ISTAT data, life expectancy at birth continued to increase until 2019.

Italy, where the first local cases of Covid-19 were recorded in February 2020, is the country where the pandemic was first detected in Europe. The region of Lombardy in Italy was also the region hardest hit by the epidemic in the first few months. In the later stages of the pandemic, the number of cases and deaths increased in southern regions.

A total of 129,000,515 people have died in Italy from Covid-19, including 33,000,933 from the Lombardy region. Of the 4.5 million cases detected to date, 872,000 originate from Lombardy.

5,315 new cases and 49 deaths were recorded in the last day across the country.

In the country of 60 million people, 38.7 million people, which corresponds to 72 percent of the population over the age of 12, have completed their immunization doses so far.

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