Azerbaijani President Aliyev visited Lachin and Kelbajar, who were freed from Armenian occupation

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In images shared by Aliyev’s wife Mihriban Aliyeva on her Instagram account, President Aliyev was seen to have traveled to the region in his own vehicle.

Aliyev, showing the crumbling settlements along the way in the footage, said all the villages were destroyed by Armenian forces. Aliyev said that Kelbecer and Lachin have a very beautiful nature with their mountains, valleys and forests.

As part of his visit, President Aliyev laid the foundations for the tunnels to be built in Murovdağ on the Toganali-Kelbecer highway and the Kelbecer-Lachin highway.

Aliyev, who also laid the foundation for Lachin International Airport, hoisted the Azerbaijani flag in downtown Kelbacer.

Aliyev also visited the Istisu hot spring in Kelbajar.

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