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Azerbaijani Emergency Situations Minister Kemaleddin Haydarov said Azerbaijani firefighters and rescue teams will be with their Turkish brethren until the fires are completely extinguished.

In a statement to APA, one of the local news agencies, Haydarov said teams affiliated with the ministry were successfully continuing their firefighting efforts in Turkey.

Noting that the forest fire situation in Turkey is the focus of President Ilham Aliyev’s attention, Heydarov said that developments are reported to the president on a daily and regular basis, and that they regularly receive new instructions from him to support the country brothers.

Stating that he also negotiated the situation with Turkish government officials during the day and that they took appropriate action, Haydarov noted that his assistant Etibar Mirzeyev, who visited Turkey, worked with the authorities. Turkish people in the coordination of the fire extinguishing process.

Stating that 510 members of the Azerbaijani Emergency Situations Ministry, an amphibious aircraft, a helicopter and 93 fire trucks have participated in the firefighting efforts in Turkey, Haydarov said:

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“On the instructions of President Aliyev, 200 additional firefighters will be sent to Turkey. We are one nation, two states. Our Heads of State and our peoples have always shown their loyalty to this idea. Today we see another example. friendship and brotherhood at the highest level.

We believe that the fires in fraternal Turkey will be extinguished in no time. Our brothers and sisters will overcome this ordeal with their perseverance and skill, as they have done with all the difficulties so far. Azerbaijani firefighters and rescuers will support their Turkish brothers until the fires are completely extinguished. “

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