Baby given to wrong family after birth in Spain sued after 19

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According to information published in the Spanish press, the two babies placed in an incubator after giving birth at the Logrono hospital in the south of Bilbao were mixed up and the babies were delivered to the wrong families.

After the incident was revealed, the local government explained that it was human error. In a press release on Tuesday, La Rioja regional government health minister Sara Alba said the person who made the mistake could not be identified.

Alba explained that since then baby delivery procedures have been developed and such a mistake is impossible today. Alba said his government will respect the legal process and support families.

La Rioja newspaper, which first broke the news, wrote that the local government had offered compensation of 215,000 euros, but the 19-year-old demanded 3 million euros.

El Pais newspaper reported that the other baby who was mixed up was also made aware of the situation, but this woman did not complain. The anonymous complainant was brought up by what she believed to be her grandmother.

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The incident came to light when the court requested a DNA test from the father in a lawsuit brought by the grandmother alleging that her father did not take good care of the child when she was 16 years old.

DNA tests in 2017 revealed that the girl had no genetic link to her father. When another DNA test revealed he was unrelated to his mother, the young man, who was then 16, asked health officials to investigate the case through his lawyers.

As a result of the investigation, it was found that there was only one baby likely to be confused in the hospital.

The 19-year-old is awaiting the results of the DNA test to learn more about her biological family.

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