Before one ends, another arrives! After Hurricane Ida, Now Hurricane Larry

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After Hurricane Ida, which caused catastrophic flooding in parts of the United States, Hurricane Larry, of a Category 3 intensity, is expected to be effective in the Newfoundland region of Canada.

The European Union (EU) Copernicus Earth Observation Program Sentinel 3 satellite observed Hurricane Larry from space.

In the statement made by the EU’s Earth observation program Copernicus, it was stated that the hurricane season in the Atlantic continues at full speed, and after Ida struck the US state of Louisiana, Hurricane Larry was advancing towards the Newfoundland region of Canada. Copernicus shared a photo of the hurricane imaged yesterday by the Sentinel 3 satellite.

Before one ends another arrives, after Hurricane Ida, now Hurricane Larry


NASA astronaut Megan McArthur took two photos of the storm from space. “I hope he doesn’t reach the earth” shared with the note.

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“While Larry is not hitting the east coast of the United States directly, it could cause life-threatening waves,” the National Hurricane Center said in its latest update.

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