Before the critical meeting, US President Biden intimidated Russian leader Putin!

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Biden has arrived in the UK to attend the G7 summit in the seaside resort of Cornwall.

Biden, whose plane landed at Mildenhall military base in the town of Suffolk, addressed a crowd of Air Force members and their families.

Biden, who made his first trip abroad as president, has told every point of his contacts in Europe that he “will make it clear that the United States is back and will act together to meet the most pressing challenges. difficult democracies around the world and the most important issues for their future. “

Stressing that he will also meet Russian leader Putin as part of his contacts, Biden said: “I will tell him what I want him to know.” he said.


Noting that the United States is not seeking tension with Russia, but wants a “stable and predictable relationship,” Biden said, “but I was clear that if the Russian government was engaging in harmful activities, the United States United would respond in a firm and meaningful way, as we have already shown. In the United States, Europe and elsewhere. I will say that there will be consequences in the event of violation of the sovereignty of democracies. “used the sentences.

The US president also said Washington’s commitment to the transatlantic alliance was “rock solid”.

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On the first leg of his European tour, Biden will meet British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on June 10 and British Queen Elizabeth II on June 13.

Biden, who will travel to Brussels, the capital of Belgium, after England, will attend the NATO summit to be held on June 14. The President of the United States will have his first face to face meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as President.

Biden will attend the US-EU summit in Brussels on June 15 and meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Switzerland on June 16.

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