Beginning of government training work in Guinea …

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In the statement made by the CNRD, the head of the junta Mamady Doumbouya will meet respectively the leaders of the political parties, the clergy, the non-governmental organizations, the representatives of the foreign diplomatic missions, the officials of the mining companies, the employers’ organizations, the representatives banks and unions, to form a government transition group from tomorrow.

Discussions are expected to last until the end of the week.

On the other hand, street demonstrations to support or thank the junta have also been banned. In addition, a special hotline has been set up to complain about security forces abusing their power.


In local media, it was noted that President Alpha Condé, detained by the army since September 5, did not want to resign despite all the pressure.

It was said that Condé was being held in a hotel in the capital and that the delegation of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), which met with Condé last week, visited Condé. here.

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It was also pointed out that Condé, who refused to eat for a while, has started eating in recent days.

It was alleged that Condé still had not signed the letter of resignation prepared by the junta and had declared “I would rather die than sign this”.

Doumbouya told the ECOWAS delegation: “Condé is our eldest, we are not doing anything to harm him. It was recorded that he used the phrase.

It was also shared that Conde, who was being held in a room with only a television away from her computer and phone, wanted her computer returned to her.

Condé, who is expected to speak on behalf of Guinea at the United Nations General Assembly, which will begin on September 23 in New York, is also wondering who will deliver this address.


Gunshots were heard on September 5 in the Kaloum region, where the Sekoutoureya presidential palace and administrative buildings are located in Conakry, the capital of Guinea. A few hours after the incident, Lieutenant-Colonel Doumbouya, head of the special forces troops (GFS), announced that they had taken power.

Doumbouya announced that he had taken over the administration due to the bad situation in the country and created the National Committee for Unity and Development (CNRD).

Noting that the government, constitution and public institutions have been abolished, Doumbouya said President Condé was being kept in a safe place.

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