Beginning of the fifth round of negotiations on the maritime border between Lebanon and Israel

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According to the official Lebanese agency NNA, the fifth round of negotiations is hosted by the headquarters of the United Nations Interim Task Force (UNIFIL) located in the south of the country.

In the news, which pointed out that the indirect negotiations between the two countries were taking place under the auspices of the UN and American mediation, it was pointed out that Lebanon would try to protect its resources at sea.

Lebanese President Michel Avn had a meeting yesterday with a delegation led by Chief of Staff Joseph Avn, who represented his country in negotiations with Israel.

During the meeting, Avn said Lebanon’s willingness to resume indirect negotiations was an indication of its desire to maintain confidence and stability in the region.

There is a maritime dispute of approximately 860 square kilometers between Lebanon and Israel.

The two countries claim the continental shelf of this region. Israel claims that three of the five blocks in which the Lebanese government has started the licensing process are located in the border region of the Israeli continental shelf.

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Israel is also continuing its occupation of Sheba Farms and some other areas on Lebanon’s 87-kilometer land border.

Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament Nebih Berri, who has been leading the process with U.S. officials since 2010 for the settlement of the border dispute between Lebanon and Israel, announced last year that a “framework agreement” had been reached with Israel under UN auspices to determine land and sea borders.

In this context, the first round of negotiations was held between the parties in the last months of 2020 under the auspices of the United Nations.

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