Biden left for a critical visit, tweeted

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US President Joe Biden visited Joint Base Andrews Air Base, half an hour from the White House, early in the morning.

Biden gave a brief assessment to the press before boarding the plane and said the purpose of the visit was to “show China and Russia that the NATO alliance is strong.”

Stating that with this visit, they will demonstrate that the alliance is strong against China and Russia, Biden noted that when meeting with Putin, they will also discuss allegations of Russia’s cyberattacks on the United States.


The first stop on US President Biden’s tour, which began today, will be England. Biden will meet Prime Minister Boris Johnson and British Queen Elizabeth II and attend the G7 summit from June 11-13.

Biden will travel to Brussels, the capital of Belgium, on June 13, after England. Biden, who will attend the NATO summit on June 14, will have his first face-to-face meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdoipan as president. Bilateral relations are expected to be discussed in detail during the meeting.

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Biden will attend the US-EU summit in Brussels on June 15 and then meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Switzerland on June 16.


US President Joe Biden made a statement on his Twitter account. The US President, who will make his first overseas visit since taking office, said: “I am leaving today for the UK and Europe on my first overseas trip of my presidency. I know that democracies can unite to meet the challenges of this new age, we have a chance to prove it in Europe this week. ”Used his statements.

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