Big blunder of the Pope: he confused Merkel and Putin!

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Criticizing the West for the 20-year war in Afghanistan, Pope Francis answered the question posed to him with the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin, believing he was quoting German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of Catholics, who participated in the interview with Spanish radio Cadena COPE, was asked about his thoughts on the latest developments in Afghanistan.

The Pope said he wanted to answer the question by quoting German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whom he considers one of the world’s greatest leaders.

In the response translated by the translator into Spanish, the Pope said that the irresponsibility of people’s foreign intervention in countries must be ended by ignoring their traditions and their attempts to build democracy in other countries. .

But the words the Pope thought to quote Merkel were spoken by Putin during Merkel’s visit to Moscow last month.

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Merkel held a joint press conference yesterday ahead of her meeting with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport is also of vital importance to Afghanistan.

Merkel said they would also discuss the situation in Afghanistan at the meeting and that Germany wanted to withdraw local personnel in Afghanistan.

Merkel stressed that it is important for Kabul airport to be operational again and that talks are underway with Qatar and Turkey on this issue.

Expressing that the German government is ready to provide technical assistance in this regard, Merkel said: “This airport is also vital for Afghanistan because otherwise no medical and humanitarian aid will reach it”. noted.

Merkel explained that in order to keep in constant contact with the Taliban, they had talks with some countries like France, England, the Netherlands, Italy on how to have a (diplomatic) presence temporary or stronger in Kabul or the region and how to work together as Europeans.

“Now that has to be distinguished from any diplomatic recognition. It’s just about having people or diplomats nearby to talk to the Taliban,” Chancellor Merkel said. used the expression.

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Emphasizing that they are focusing on the situation of Afghan personnel and their families, Merkel noted that their number is not 300, but 10,000 to 40,000.


Russian President Vladimir Putin called the situation that has emerged today “tragedy and loss” as the United States has tried to impose its own rules and way of life in Afghanistan for 20 years.

Putin brought up the Afghan issue during his conversation with students in the eastern city of Vladivostok due to the start of the academic year.

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Big blunder of the Pope: he confused Merkel and Putin

Recalling that US military units had been in Afghan territory for 20 years, Putin said the US was trying to “civilize” the people living in Afghanistan during this time.

Putin said: “The United States wanted to adopt its own rules, way of life and political institutions in the broadest sense in Afghanistan. For those who do, for the United States and for those living in Afghanistan, the result is tragedy and loss. The result is zero. made his assessment.

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Stating that this tragedy happened because the history, culture and philosophy of life of the people living in Afghanistan were not taken into account and their traditions were not respected, Putin said: ” It is necessary to understand that it is impossible to impose anything from the outside. The situation must mature. If you want the situation to mature faster and better, it is necessary to help people. Yes, it can and should be done. But it must be done in a civilized manner, with caution, maintaining positive inclinations, unhurriedly and with patience. Without these factors, it is almost impossible to achieve anything positive. ” he said.

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